Elevator temporarily out of service

For maintenance work, our elevator (connecting the underground barracks with the intermediate gallery level) will be unavailable during the public visit weekend of March (30 and 31 March). Visitors in wheelchairs will be able to visit the museum in the underground barracks.

Thank you for understanding.

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This place became really famous through history on May 10, 1940 when a small team of German paratroops took the control of the fort’s artillery in less than 15 minutes. Organization, innovation and risk taking were the keys to the German success. Come to fort Eben-Emael and discover the unbelievable adventure of the first moments of WWII. We will inform you about the secret German innovative plans and powerful weapons.

Today, this gigantic complex is back to life. You will discover the kitchen, the bedrooms, the hospital, the hairdresser, the showers, and much more... as they were originally. More than 75 mannequins and special sound effects reconstitute the daily life in this surprising city. Fort Eben-Emael is also a 75ha of protected nature area full of green plants, trees, mushrooms, and flowers to relax and enjoy great views. More than half of the territory consists of woods and is part of the St Pieters mountain protected park. Ideal for a healthy orientation walk.

Opening hours
Group visits

Nearly all year, reservation in advance required. More information about group visits.

Visits without reservation

These visits are organised for individual visitors. For these visits, you don't have to make a reservation. You can simply come to the fortress.

Today: no individual visit possible

Next possibility: Saturday 30 March 2019, continual from 10:00 untill 16:00

Check all dates for individual visits on the calendar.