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For the health and safety of our visitors and staff members, we ask you to take a number of precautionary measures into account during your visit. 

  • Do not enter the fortress if you are ill or if you are positive for the COVID-19 virus
  • Wearing a face mask is mandatory for the entire duration of your visit.
  • When entering, please disinfect your hands with disinfectant hand gel.
  • Follow the indicated route and respect the indications. 
  • The rules of socialdistancing should be appliedKeep an adequate distance of 1.5m at all times.
  • Do not touch the objects and panels on display. 
  • Electronic payment is strongly recommended. 
  • Follow the guidelines provided by our staff and contact them when in doubt or when you have any questions. 

The sanitary facilities are cleaned on a regular basis.
The cafeteria is closed.