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Visits by reservation can be booked every day of the year, except on Mondays and some closing days.

Private visit

With up to 15 participants, choose from 5 different types of tours, each with a different duration and parts to visit. Each type of tour has a fixed price, guide included.

Group visit

Groups from 15 persons. There is no limit to the number of participants. You choose from 5 different types of guided tours depending on the interest of the group and the time available. Each type of tour has a starting price for 15 participants and there is an additional cost for each additional participant. The number of guides is determined by the number of participants.

Theme circuit

With a maximum of 10 participants, discover specific or exclusive parts of the fortress. Each theme circuit has a fixed price, guide included.

Our guided tours

Get the most out of your visit.
3.5 Hours tour

The underground barracks are heated. The tunnel system has a constant temperature of 11°C. Consider wearing a sweater and closed shoes.

The underground barracks and museum are accessible by wheelchair.
The guided tour of the corridors is accessible by wheelchair, but bear in mind that there are sometimes steep slopes.

The artillery casemate and the upper plateau are not accessible by wheelchair.

Our theme circuits

Discovering specific or exclusive parts of the fort.

Due to the sometimes limited space of the visited areas and for everyone’s comfort, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10 persons per guide.


Theme circuits are not accessible to wheelchair users.

Theme circuit 120 mm cupola
3.5 or 4.5 Hours tour
Theme circuit underground to the Albert Canal
3 Hours tour

Covid-19 measures.
Visits by reservation and with guided tour
are not possible at the moment.