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What to expect
  • Welcome by your guide.
  • A short video covering the dramatic events during the attack on the fort on 10 May 1940.
  • The underground barracks: the cool shed, the machine room, the showers, the commander’s office, the quarters of the officers, non-commissioned officers and soldiers, the officer’s mess, the infirmary and the operating theatre.
  • The museum: the preparations for and execution of the German attack on the fort and the 3 bridges crossing the Albert Canal north of the fort.
  • The glider DFS-230. A worldwide unique, original specimen, comprised out of the wreckages of two aircrafts. The cockpit and instrument panel are from the same aircraft
  • A short introduction to the immense tunnel system of the fort.
  • On site briefing on the large explosion at the bottom of the staircase of an artillery casemate
  • A walk through part of the immense tunnel system of the fort including a visit to the battle command post, fire direction centres, radio room and telephone switchboard.
  • A longer walk through the immense tunnel system of the fort including a visit to the battle command post, fire direction centres, radio room, telephone switchboard and one of the artillery casemates.
  • Climb approximately 100 steps to get to the gun battery of the casemate.
  • Your guide will take you for a walk tot he upper plateau, 65m above the barracks, where the attack started.
  • On site briefing on the landing of the gliders and the position of the various bunkers.
Information on the reservation request

All tours can be booked on any day, with an exemption for the Mondays and days marked as closed on the fort website.
Reservations are taken from 8 months till 10 days in advance.
Your reservation request will be confirmed by our secretariat as soon as possible.

Price and terms

Private visit Family & Friends (up to 15 participants)

  • Flat rate 180,- €, guide included.
  • Rate from 16 February 2023: fixed price of €180 for a private visit up to 8 people, guide included and €225 from 9 to 15 people, guide inlcusive.

Group visit (from 15 participants)

  • the starting price is 180,- € guide included,
  • from the 16th participant, there is a surcharge of 12, – € per additional participant,
  • per additional guide: € 25. The number of guides depends on the type of tour and the number of participants,
  • Rate from 16 February 2023: the starting price is 225,- € for the first 15 people. Per additional participant 15,- €. The first guide is included.

This tour is not suited for people with physical disabilities.

Remember to dress appropriately for the weather conditions.