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Here, history comes to life

Here, history comes to life

Welcome to the largest fortress

Fort Eben-Emael, constructed between 1932 and 1935, was one of the largest fortifications in Europe.

The spectacular and innovative attack on the fortress by an elite unit of German paratroopers on 10 May 1940 marked the tragic start of World War II for Western Europe.


An immense underground complex

Three levels, barracks for 1200 soldiers, galleries extending 5 km underground, 17 bunkers.

Visit this immense underground complex with its restored barracks, the infirmary, the museum and experience the terrible explosion in the corridor system.

Immerse yourself in the secret and innovative German plans for the attack on the fort.

Follow the guide through the tunnel system to the command post and the gun room of an artillery bunker.

Join us on an underground walk to the Albert Canal.

Learn all about the only 120 mm artillery cupola still in existence in the world and go up to the cupola’s gun room.

Be prepared to be surprised!