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Here, history comes to live

Here, history comes to live

As a result of a government decision of 28 October on the corona pandemic, we are forced to close the fort from Thursday 29 October. This closure will take effect indefinitely.

All visits reserved for the period starting on 29 October will be canceled. There is no one permanently present at the secretariat, but you can contact us by  e-mail

Keep it healthy!  The team of Fort Eben-Emael (update 28/10/2020 – 20:00)

Welcome to the largest fortress

Fort Eben-Emael, constructed between 1932 and 1935, was one of the largest fortifications in Europe and was thought to be impregnable.

The spectacular and innovative attack on the fortress by an elite unit of German paratroopers on 10 May 1940 marked the tragic start of World War II for Western Europe.


An immense underground complex

Three levels, barracks for 1200 soldiers, galleries extending 5 km underground, 17 bunkers.

Take a step back in time and visit the restored barracks, the museum, the immense system of galleries and the combat positions.

Immerse yourself in the secret and innovative German plans for the attack on the fort.

Follow the guide through the maze of underground galleries to the command post and an artillery bunker.

See the disastrous consequences of a new type of explosive, used for the first time in global military history during the attack on the fort.

Discover the huge roof with the bunkers and artillery cupolas.

Be prepared to be surprised!